38th International CAE Conference

16.11.22 - 18.11.22

The International CAE Conference, the annual event that explores the evolution of and current trends in numerical simulation, will be transitional in nature, bridging past editions with the organizer’s future aims for broader cultural dissemination.

The event will be divided into two separate and complementary initiatives:

  • 16-17 November will be dedicated to software technology producers, each of whom will have a channel in which to host their own symposium, to be held in English and/or Italian (at the organizer’s choice) and to present particularly significant experiences or case studies online;

    MAGMA lecture: Virtual Experimentation in Continuous Casting towards Online Control
    10.00 - 11.00 - Online symposium - Attendance: free, upon registration - Language: English
    Speakers: Erik Hepp, Sebastian Koldorf, MAGMA GmbH

  • 18 November will be held, by invitation only, in the prestigious Palazzo Labia in Venice, home of RAI Veneto, and will feature discussions by leading representatives of industry and academia to share visions and strategies for successful digital transition. This event, in Italian, can also be attended online.

In line with the changes sweeping across the world in the wake and waves of the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2022 edition seeks to bridge the established and respected traditions of past editions and the future versions of the event, which will benefit from an increasingly close collaboration with RAI, the Italian national public broadcasting company.

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