Coaching MAGMAstress

MAGMAstress offers a variety of alternatives and ways to simulate residual stresses, distortion and crack risks. This workshop gives you an overview of the possibilities, innovations and current methods for using this module. With the help of real examples you discuss and work on the systematic setup and evaluation of stress simulations.

Expand your knowledge and your experience in handling stress simulations and benefit from your trainer’s hands-on know-how.

The workshop is subdivided into sand mold casting and permanent mold casting.


  • Theoretical foundations for the effective use of MAGMAstress
  • Optimized simulation setup for faster calculations
  • Systematic evaluation of stress simulations for reliably identifying and assessing problems such as cracks or distortion
  • Utilization of new developments and methods

Duration: 1 day


  • Sand mold casting: Upon request
  • Permanent mold casting: Upon request

Required qualifications: Experience in using MAGMAstress

Participants: Users of MAGMASOFT® wishing to deepen or refresh their knowledge about the calculation of stresses.

Your investment: 500 EUR (plus 19% VAT)

MAGMA Gießereitechnologie GmbH
Kackertstraße 11
52072 Aachen
MAGMAacademy, second floor

Overview Workshops

2019 German-language workshop schedule at a glance

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Termíny školení
1. listopadu - 2. listopadu 2017
MAGMAstandard, MAGMAlpdc, MAGMApermanent mould - základní školení
20. listopadu - 24. listopadu 2017
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