Simulation and High Pressure Die Casting – Basics, Process Design, Casting System Calculation

This seminar deals with the basics for tool and process design in high pressure die casting, particularly for cold chamber die casting processes. You will be shown how to lay out the process and calculate gates based on examples from the simulation of high pressure die casting processes with MAGMASOFT®.

Moreover, you will be provided with information about fundamental evaluation criteria for evaluating casting layouts and tool concepts.

In this context, the focus is on the consideration of thermal balance, die lifetime and factors influencing the process stability. Finally, you will learn about typical defects in high pressure die casting and find out how to prevent them by using simulation. Based on this information, you will discuss results from casting process simulation based on concrete examples.

Intended audience: Newcomers in the field of high pressure die casting, casting designers, professionals working in production and quality assurance

Duration: 1.5 days

Date: Upon request

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Termíny školení
1. listopadu - 2. listopadu 2017
MAGMAstandard, MAGMAlpdc, MAGMApermanent mould - základní školení
20. listopadu - 24. listopadu 2017
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