The substitution of rare earth metals for the development of cast iron materials with high cold toughness

The central objective of the GussTough research project is the substitution of rare earth elements in the manufacturing process for components made from ductile cast iron materials. At the same time, the potentials of a previously unrealizable material optimization to a completely closed value chain are to be developed. The reliable design of castings under static and dynamic loads due to favorable material behavior under dynamic conditions is the focus of the development of highly loaded components in mechanical engineering and vehicle technology. In the recent past, the development of new fields of application has shown that conventional materials have not always been able to meet the new requirements profiles. Wind turbines in off-shore use in regions with strongly fluctuating or very low operating temperatures, commercial vehicles whose design is now subject to strong light weight requirements, which must guarantee maximum service life, e.g. of chassis components under extreme load conditions, are examples of this.

The characterization of the material properties is part of a central work package in the project. It forms the basis for the assessment and selection of the treatment agents and alloy compositions to be further investigated in demonstrator applications. On the other hand, the properties of the cast samples serve as the basis for the final determination of the suitable melt treatment compositions and alloy compositions, which are then to be used for the production of concrete components. The results of this work package are of great importance for the work planned in the work package dealing with simulation, since the verification of the microstructures and properties determined by means of simulation in comparison with the real situation is a prerequisite for the further development of a functioning simulation tool.

Key facts of the project:

Project duration: 01.08.2014 – 31.07.2017
Project Management: Hochschule Kempten (Prof.Dr.-Ing. Dierk Hartmann); Hegerguss GmbH, Enkenbach
Consortium: ProCast Guss GmbH; ENERCON – WRD GmbH, Aurich; MAGMA GmbH, Aachen; TU Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Institut für Metallurgie; ZF AG, Friedrichshafen
Associated: ELKEM AS, Kristiansand, Norwegen; Georg Fischer AG, Schaffhausen, Schweiz; MAN Truck & Bus AG, München
Project promoter: PTJ, Jülich

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