Isn’t simulation the job of the foundry?

6/3/20 - 6/3/20

Let's ask the following question: Isn’t simulation the job of the foundry? You maybe think: “We need castings, but our expertise is in the world of pumps and valves”. The next MAGMA webinar will address the question how MAGMASOFT® identifies defects during machining or pressure testing before they occur. This understanding saves substantial costs and time for you as a casting purchaser. 

So the motivation is there, but how can a pump or valve manufacturer use this technology anyway? When sourcing castings, you need to have confidence that the supplier can provide what you need. So more and more OEMs require casting simulations as a standard quality assurance process. If you would like to learn how MAGMASOFT® can help you to secure your decision, save costs and time, please join our webinar
“Finding the Robust Optimized Design and Procurement of Pump and Valve Castings” on June 3rd. The webinar lasts one hour.

You can either attend the free webinar on June 3rd 2020 at 10 am or at 2 pm (German time). We look forward to seeing you!


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Wednesday, June  3rd, at 10 am Please register here now.


or at 2 pm (German time) Please register here now.


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