Casting Technology High Pressure Die Casting

This seminar deals with the fundamentals of die and process design for die casting, in particular for the cold chamber process. Process design and gate calculations will be illustrated with examples.

The main topics of this seminar are:

  • Layout and fundamentals of runner design
  • Possibilities of process definition and validation of gate design
  • Consideration of heat balance, mold life and factors affecting process stability
  • Prediction and identification of casting defects

You will discuss the possibilities of casting process simulation and methods of virtual design of experiments to support the individual steps of planning and design for the robust series process.

Intended audience:

Newcomers in the field of high pressure die casting, tooling designers and tool makers, die casters, process planners, technologists, product designers, quality managers and technical purchase managers.

Duration: 2.5 days

Date: Upon request

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