MAGMASOFT® 5.4 Update Training - High Pressure Die Casting

The latest MAGMASOFT® 5.4 version includes extensive new features and additions in the field of high pressure die casting, all of which you will get to know in this Update Training. As for the use of this release for all other processes, such as sand casting or permanent mold casting, you will receive separate information.

The Update Training aims at users who are already working with the current MAGMASOFT® release and are switching to the new MAGMASOFT® 5.4 version. With the help of concrete practical exercises, you will deepen your knowledge of how to operate the software.


  • Simulation of the shot chamber including the dosing process
  • Calculation of the heat balance for all sections
  • Detailed definition of the spraying process
  • Calculation of the flow in the cooling channels
  • Simulation of the ejector forces
  • New mesh generation options
  • Use of “parallel designs”


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