The following examples demonstrate how our customers successfully exploit MAGMASOFT® in order to realize better casting quality, cost savings or reduction of development times.

When Less is More

Producing large ductile iron axle housings can be a challenging task. The part shown above was well into production when a shrinkage defect was noticed during machining. After several attempts to find a solution, the foundry contacted MAGMA to evaluate the part design.

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Problem Corrected – Case Solved

An HPDC client in India who is a large manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters for both domestic and export markets, experienced porosity problems with a cast component from one of their suppliers after machining the casting on the top side.

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Engine Blocks Full of Stress

Cast iron engine blocks can be found in more than half of all passenger cars. Their performance and weight are, among other criteria, dependent on their geometry and the casting process, especially defects like porosity and residual stresses.

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Real Prototype – Realistic Casting?

Before start of production, many real castings are required for testing under realistic conditions. As with many of these prototype castings, the aluminum steering knuckle shown here was produced as a sand casting. The failure of the prototype casting in a test run would lead to design changes: heavier cross-sections to better withstand the load.

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Small Changes Result in Big Improvement

The original gating system of a front fork component led to problems that were analyzed using MAGMASOFT®. The original design of the gating system of the front fork led to several problems that were detected by simulation.

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