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We have started the new year full of energy and have lots of events and training offerings for you! In January, we welcomed the first users to our training courses, and now we are looking forward to our spring program!

In addition to the events that were already part of last year's program, "Simulation of Cast Iron" is one of our new seminars, which are available on request. Here, you will learn about important influencing parameters of iron alloys as cast alloys and construction materials. Read on for an interesting article on the influence of cooling rates for cast iron alloys and learn how microstructure and properties behave differently depending on the cooling rate.

If you are not an iron caster or if you are interested in other casting processes, browse through our website and find a suitable training there. For more details, please contact us at or +49 241-88901 699.

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Evaluation Seminar

Do you want to understand simulation results, evaluate them better and use them more intensively? Then the seminar Evaluation of Simulation Results  is just the right thing for you.


Simulation of Cast Iron

In this seminar, you will learn how casting process simulation accompanies and optimizes manufacturing processes.


Influence of Local Cooling Rates on Microstructure and Properties of Cast Iron Alloys

The microstructure and, thus, the mechanical properties of cast iron alloys are essentially dependent on

  • the chemical composition
  • the number of nuclei
  • the local cooling rates.

To make reliable predictions, simulation models need to take these three influencing parameters into account.

The fraction of eutectic phase that occurs in equilibrium for a composition during solidification can be described via the corrected degree of saturation SR according to E. Piwowarsky (fraction of eutectic solidification/total solidification)  →  (C-CE)/(CC-CE).

In the following example of an alloy with a carbon equivalent (CE) of 3.9 %, the eutectic fraction is 83 %, see Figure 1.



Have you logged in again? All learning contents for Process Training I Cast Iron, Steel Casting, High Pressure Die Casting and Investment Casting are now also available in English.



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