Podívejte se na některé z nejdůležitějších publikací o MAGMA aplikacích a vývoji, které by mohly zajímat především odběratele slévárenských odlitků.

Simulation Evolves to Autonomous Optimization

Today’s requirements on the development of a casting and the corresponding metal casting process demand methodologies and tools which allow a maximization of process robustness and profitability at the earliest possible point in time. Opposed to real-world trials, autonomous optimization using simulation tools provides significantly more flexibility.


Reduction of Oxide Inclusions in Aluminum Cylinder Heads through Virtual Design of Experiments

It will be shown in this paper that virtual design of experiments (vDOEs) are leading to optimized gating designs and process parameters resulting in a significant reduction of oxides in castings. The experiments supported by simulation were accompanied and validated by high-speed video technology and the PREFIL-measurement technology.


Practical Use of Core Simulation for Process Optimization

Simulation of the production of sand cores is a new method for fundamentally changing tool and process design by exploiting insights into core-shooting and hardening processes. Important factors affecting the quality of the core can be determined and quantified in advance of tool production and serial manufacture. The system’s physical basis and targeted procedures allow predictions to be made regarding the technical and economic feasibility of sand cores.


Material Combinations in Lightweight Casting Components

Aluminum und magnesium castings play a major role in light-weight casting. These fields of application are being extended continually, and the specific demands on materials are increasing. More often the mechanical and tribological properties of the casting materials are insufficient, the operating temperatures are too high, or the environment shows a high level of chemical aggression. Local components can then be tailored to specific demands by cast-in inserts mostly made of steel or cast iron, depending on the requirements.


Energy and raw material savings in foundries through thorough utilization of simulation

Foundries are “world champions“ in effectively recycling their materials. More than 90% of all cast parts are made from re-melted scrap metal. But it doesn’t stop with the metal: molding materials (sand) and water are efficiently re-used, leading to almost no waste.

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