Eliminate Defects – Solve Problems

Eliminate Defects – Solve Problems

Die-cast parts offer technical and economic benefits for many applications. To exploit these potentials, you need to ensure that process-related porosity is minimized or at least reliably moved to casting areas where it will not impact the required function of the parts.

Nevertheless, it happens that porosity is exposed during the machining of a die-cast part, such as in the casting shown in Figure 1.

Porosity in the sectioned casting (left); simulation results showing the real defect (right) (c) MAGMASOFT®

Porosity in the sectioned casting (left); simulation results showing the real defect (right)

The simulation was able to show that the pores are filling-related. The position and dimensions of one rib resulted in splashing melt and air subsequently being entrapped.

The introduction of systematic changes in both the component design and the gating design of the die and the virtual analysis of these design changes helped to prevent the melt from directly splashing through the rib, thus eliminating the associated air entrapments.

Thanks to the communication between foundryman and designer based on the simulation results and the resulting measures, it was possible to completely eliminate the problem.

If you are interested in learning more about the numerous options for evaluating simulation results and getting to know the possibilities for methodologically evaluating casting processes in the run-up to production, attend the seminar “Evaluation of Simulation Results with MAGMASOFT®” (available upon request). The intended audience of this event are foundry managers and/or executives and experts from design, quality and purchasing departments.

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