Automatic Virtual Optimization of Ingot and Continuous Casting Processes

I. Hahn, E. Hepp, M. Schneider

Simulation technology today makes it easily possible to carry out three-dimensional simulations of the teeming and solidification of ingots as well as of the flow and solidification in continuous casting processes. Quick and reliable virtual casting trials in the computer can be performed considering all relevant process parameters.

During casting, numerous complex physical phenomena occur simultaneously that are coupled with each other. Changes of one process parameter usually lead to a change of many quality-relevant properties of the product. A coupling of casting process simulation with statistical design of experiments allows the virtual exploration and evaluation of the effects of process changes on all relevant quality characteristics. Automatic virtual optimization, which is focused on the fulfilment of several targets at the same time, provides a promising approach for defining robust casting processes and finding operating points that build a best compromise between competing objectives.

This paper will show examples of the application of these methodologies for continuous and ingot casting processes and gives an insight into how process development benefits from them.


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