For MAGMASOFT® Users: Virtual Designs of Experiments and Autonomous Optimization

For MAGMASOFT® Users: Virtual Designs of Experiments and Autonomous Optimization

With MAGMASOFT®, the user can systematically use simulations to realize virtual designs of experiments and autonomous optimizations. The software allows the user to define value ranges for geometry changes in the rigging system as well as for different process parameters. Within these ranges, the software then automatically creates, simulates and evaluates different variants (experiments).

This allows you to evaluate the impact of varying the process parameters and the rigging system at an early stage. This quantitative information shows which process variables have a significant influence on the casting, while helping to design robust rigging systems.

In addition, by making use of arbitrary objectives, the software is able to carry out virtual autonomous optimizations of the process parameters and the rigging system. It is thus possible to identify the variants that allow you to obtain an optimized casting result in line with the predefined objectives.

Inspired by the genetic processes in biology, this approach comprises several generations and uses mechanisms of inheritance, mutation and selection in a mathematical model. The user does not need to have a deeper understanding of the optimization process in MAGMASOFT® for this, as the software performs the process automatically.

MAGMASOFT® offers numerous possibilities for the evaluation of the virtual experiments carried out in the Assessment Perspective. If you are a user of MAGMASOFT® and are interested in learning more about the various options of virtual design of experiments and autonomous optimization, please attend our two-day training course "Virtual Design of Experiments and Optimization", which is available for sand casting, permanent mold casting & low pressure die casting and high pressure die casting upon request.


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Virtual Designs of Experiments

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