Individual Training

You can book standard training sessions for the following MAGMA products/ modules:

  • Iron casting with the module MAGMAiron
  • Steel casting with the module MAGMAsteel
  • High pressure die casting with the module MAGMAhpdc
  • Nonferrous/ low pressure sand casting with the module MAGMAlpdc
  • Permanent mold/ low pressure die casting, wheel casting, tilt casting with the modules MAGMApermanent mold, MAGMAlpdc, MAGMAwheel, MAGMAtilt/rotacaster
  • Continuous casting with the module MAGMA CC

In addition to these standard training events, you can also book an individual training for the following topics. Here, you learn how to use the corresponding MAGMA product/ module.

  • Heavy metal casting with MAGMASOFT®
  • Ingot casting with the module MAGMAsteel
  • Investment casting with the module MAGMAinvestmentcasting
  • Lost foam/ full-mold casting with the module MAGMAlostfoam
  • Export of MAGMA results for other applications with the module MAGMAlink
  • Die stresses and die lifetime with the modules MAGMAstress, MAGMAdielife
  • Residual stresses of the casting caused by the heat treatment with the modules MAGMAstress, MAGMA HT thermal
  • Prediction of microstructures and properties of aluminum with the module MAGMAnonferrous
  • Microstructure and heat treatment of austempered ductile iron (ADI) with the modules MAGMAiron, MAGMA HT thermal

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