MAGMASOFT® E-Learning Portfolio

MAGMASOFT® is a comprehensive and powerful tool for designing and optimizing the complete casting process.  As the software offers a large variety of prospects and procedures, it is essential to educate yourself continuously in order to derive maximum advantage from it. Besides the interactive trainings at MAGMA or on-site, the MAGMAacademy offers a broad variety of digital material for deepening your knowledge and education. Our e-learning portfolio enables you to broaden your understanding of the virtual optimization of your processes and applied alloys online at any time. You will thus accomplish an enduring implementation of the prospects of MAGMASOFT® autonomous engineering.

Figure 1: Educate yourself at work with our webinars (c) MAGMASOFT®

Figure 1: Educate yourself at work with our webinars

Our e-Learning portfolio at a glance:

MAGMASOFT® documentation: The documentation is the backbone for a successful implementation of MAGMASOFT® in your business. Here you find a full description of the Standard MAGMASOFT® software, as well as additional features licensed by you (MAGMASOFT® modules and options).

You can open, view and print the documents in digital form (PDF format). If you want to obtain information about particular topics or functions quickly, use the overview tables (e.g. tables of contents) that are supplied in all documents.

Video Tutorials: Together with the documentation, MAGMA creates short and user-friendly video tutorials on a regular basis. These videos serve for visualizing the use of new or optimized functions step by step.

In the login area of the MAGMA website's Video Tutorials section, latest videos are always shown first in the list. If you want to limit the list to a particular release, process or perspective/function, check the proper boxes on the right-hand side.

You as the user can also access video tutorials for individual topics directly in the MAGMASOFT® online documentation (online help system) in a context-sensitive way. For this we recommend to store your login credentials (user name and password) in MAGMASOFT®.

Tips & Tricks: In the form of short PDF documents, diverse applications are explained in step with actual practice. With the help of practical examples you can, e.g., learn how to apply new features when user tracers (particles in the melt), how to install and arrange the network batch queue and carry out a calculation there, or how to save space on your hard disk.

Tips and tricks help you to benefit from a wide range of assistance around the successful application of MAGMASOFT®. Just click on a title in the list to download the relevant tip. You can filter the list in the Support area with the help of the search functions in the column to the right by release, process, and/or perspective/function.

Webinars: Use our webinars to stay tuned to the latest developments and program functions. The webinars are held by our experts from application engineering and MAGMAacademy and are free of charge for customers with a valid maintenance contract.

You can find all target dates for our webinars in the login section of the MAGMA website. Here you can also watch the past webinars. Apply for our webinars. We are looking forward to your presence!

Figure 2: Best and worst variants (left and right, respectively) (c) MAGMASOFT®

Figure 2: Best and worst variants (left and right, respectively)

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