Training Webinars – New Features in MAGMASOFT® 5.5

Faster to the Goal Overall

Efficient casting development, safe process start-ups and robust production windows are the focus of the foundry industry. The new MAGMASOFT® release 5.5 makes significant contributions for creating even more value in casting design, tooling and foundry. Particular emphasis has been placed on further simplified and efficient use of the software and its results. Learn in this webinar how to follow your daily work routine with MAGMASOFT® even more efficiently, and discover all the innovations available to you with MAGMAstress, such as the calculation of core distortion.

Cast Iron in Motion

Completely new capabilities are available to iron foundrymen to consider the effects of metallurgy and metal treatment on solidification and feeding behavior. With the innovative SMAFEE feeding algorithm, the influence of melt quality, inoculation practice and local pressure distributions on porosity development is even better taken into account. In addition, this webinar will show you how to calculate the thermal convection during solidification.

Cast Iron in Motion  (c) MAGMASOFT®

Cast Iron in Motion

Quality Assessment in Die Casting

In the new MAGMASOFT® release, the transport of entrapped air can be reliably predicted and allows consistent evaluation of the mass balance in the cavity throughout the filling process. The corresponding masses of gas as well as the effectiveness of the venting conditions can be determined quantitatively. This makes it possible to assess the quality of mold design and process conditions over the progress of the project. In addition, in this webinar, you will learn about new curve results and the new feeding model.

Quality Assessment in Die Casting  (c) MAGMASOFT®

Quality Assessment in Die Casting

Optimized Heat Treatment

In addition to new results to assess cooling rates in critical temperature ranges, the program now takes into account the austenitic grain growth. A unique feature is the possibility to transfer the segregation-related local composition from the casting process to the heat treatment process, which will, of course, be presented to you in the webinar.

Optimized Heat Treatment  (c) MAGMASOFT®

Optimized Heat Treatment

Process Optimization in Continuous Casting

In this webinar, you will learn all about the numerous extensions for the optimization of the start-up process and for the thermal and mechanical calculation of the process – also for continuous steel casting processes using bow-type casters. The fully integrated capabilities for virtual designs of experiments and autonomous optimization allow the user to assess robust manufacturing conditions while ensuring material quality by monitoring inclusions or avoiding core cracks.

Process Optimization in Continuous Casting (c) MAGMASOFT®

Process Optimization in Continuous Casting

The Crooked Core – Attention: New Training Available!

MAGMASOFT® 5.5 now provides for the first time the possibility to predict and avoid stresses in the core during filling and solidification. This allows preventing casting defects due to core distortion or failure. These unique capabilities provide increased security in avoiding core breakage, allow the prediction of local dimensional tolerance and enable the pre-compensation of core distortion through modification of core-box designs.

We will be offering events on this topic in the near future, which you will, of course, find in the event calendar. If you would like to attend a training session before, please feel free to contact us.

The Crooked Core  (c) MAGMASOFT®

The Crooked Core

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