20 Years of Successful Partnership for Casting Excellence

In 1993 MAGMA was a young team and a company with a lot of ambitions, but only a small market presence. Casting process simulation was known to only a few foundrymen and still had to find its way into acceptance in the foundry industry. At this time, two recognized but quite different companies were interested in starting a partnership with MAGMA. Their common objectives were developing knowledge in the foundry industry regarding this new technology and marketing the product in their respective countries: SCSK in Japan and EnginSoft in Italy.

In 1993, MAGMA was approached by the Sumitomo group in Japan, and its affiliate Sumitomo Electronic Systems (SES), regarding the interests of the Mazda Automotive group to use MAGMASOFT®. As a result, SES and MAGMA decided to work together. Today, 20 years of successful partnership have passed and the successor of SES, named SCSK, is responsible for MAGMA’s most important market served by a partner. For many years, SCSK successfully promoted MAGMA within the Japanese automotive companies. In the meantime, the recognition and acceptance of MAGMASOFT® among small and medium Japanese foundries has grown substantially, thanks to the competent technical support and continuous presence of the SCSK team.

The size of the SCSK team directly involved in technical support and marketing of MAGMA’s products has grown continuously, supported by a strong network of local account managers all over Japan. There is a good reason that SCSK is looking forward to the upcoming capabilities of MAGMA5 Rel. 5.3, offering virtual experimentation and optimization: technologies like statistical process control or Design of Experiments are very popular in Japan, thanks to Mr. Taguchi being one of the early promoters of these tools for the establishment of robust processes in industrial production.

In the early 1990s, EnginSoft was an engineering company in Italy, using advanced simulation software to design and optimize civil construction and component designs. Dr. Stefano Odorizzi and his team had extensive background in using simulation tools for consulting services and for providing knowledge transfer to the industry. At that time, EnginSoft was interested in marketing CAE software products for process simulation. After agreement with MAGMA, the team developed extensive skills in foundry processes and metallurgy by strategically investing into alliances with relevant Italian associations, universities and the industry. EnginSoft has also been very instrumental in launching European research projects. They acted successfully as a prime partner in key projects, in which also MAGMA and industrial European partners were actively involved: IDEAL, NADIA and MUSIC are milestones of joint European R&D work in the direction of quantifying casting properties.

EnginSoft was also key to introducing the early concepts of virtual designs of experiments and optimization in MAGMASOFT®. Based on the development of modeFrontier, which was developed by their subsidiary ES.TE.CO, MAGMA could offer the capability to do virtual experimentation and optimization for casting processes for the first time worldwide. With the upcoming MAGMA5 Rel. 5.3, these early ideas are now fully integrated in the software. Today, EnginSoft is by far the biggest and most recognized CAE specialist and software vendor in Italy.

MAGMA wants to express its sincere appreciation to both companies for partnering with MAGMA for more than 20 years. Special thanks go to the colleagues at EnginSoft and SCSK for their patience, commitment and persistence during many years. MAGMA is looking forward to continuing our successful relationship in the years to come.


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