EUROGUSS 2018: Optimizing High Pressure Die Casting with MAGMASOFT® autonomous engineering

Aachen (Germany), January 2018. At the EUROGUSS trade fair in Nuremberg (Germany) on January 16-18, 2018, the focus was on innovative solutions for aluminum, magnesium or zinc high pressure die casting processes. As a supplier of innovative software and engineering services for the simulation of casting processes, MAGMA GmbH, based in Aachen, Germany, has been exhibiting at EUROGUSS right from the start, closely communicating with the visitors to demonstrate the many possibilities offered by the virtual optimization of high pressure die casting processes.

Due to continuously increasing requirements, an innovative product design combined with a robust process layout continues to gain increasing importance in high pressure die casting. For the technologically complex processes and tools, the objectives include ensuring process reliability by meeting the quality requirements specified for the casting, in addition to cost and resource efficiency.

In the industry, casting process simulation has long been a standard tool for designing components as well as processes. With MAGMASOFT® autonomous engineering, the individual virtual experiment has now been enhanced by the definition of quantifiable objectives and critical variable production parameters, including their limits of variation as well as relevant quality criteria. This allows for the simultaneous optimization of modern high pressure die casting components along the entire development process.

With the new software version MAGMASOFT® 5.4, MAGMA presents a unique toolbox of new, innovative capabilities in high pressure die casting. The software supports the optimization of casting quality for all process steps, from melt dosing in the shot chamber and the shot profile, to the spraying process, up to the heat balance of the die. Thermal control elements, spot cooling or cooling near the die contour can be flow-optimized for increased thermal efficiency. The tool design is supported by the calculation of the ejector forces as well as by the possibility for precompensation of the die cavity. The simulation of heat treatment is seamlessly integrated into the virtual process chain of high pressure die casting, allowing for the design of heat treatment racks to reduce casting distortion.

In MAGMASOFT® 5.4, with True Adaptive Geometry Meshing, a new and flexible mesh generation method as well as a new flow solver have been specifically integrated for high pressure die casting processes.

MAGMA offers comprehensive solutions to the metal casting industry, casting buyers and casting designers world-wide.

MAGMA’s range of products and services includes the simulation software MAGMASOFT® for virtual designs of experiments and autonomous optimization of casting processes as well as comprehensive engineering services for casting design and process optimization. Today, MAGMA’s software is used by companies all over the world for cost-effective casting production, reducing quality costs and establishing robust processes for all applications, particularly in the automotive and heavy industries.

With the MAGMAacademy, MAGMA provides extensive educational offerings including trainings, workshops and seminars both for MAGMASOFT® users and for users of casting process simulation results and virtual casting optimization.

MAGMA Giessereitechnologie GmbH was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Aachen, Germany. A global presence and support are guaranteed by offices and subsidiaries in the USA, Singapore, Brazil, Korea, Turkey, India, China and the Czech Republic. Additionally, more than 30 qualified partners represent MAGMA around the world.

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