IdeenExpo: Spinning around a world of ideas

Aachen, August 2017. The IdeenExpo in Hanover is Europe’s largest fair for young people. In June 2017, more than 360 000 young visitors dove into the diversity of science and technology on display on an exhibition space of more than 100 000 square meters during the nine days of the event.

MAGMA is a partner in the “Get-in-Form” project, an initiative of the German foundry industry together with various educational institutions. ­

Young visitors experimenting in the live foundry

MAGMA got involved with the IdeenExpo as an exhibitor at the beginning of the initiative in the year 2007, to excite young visitors about the fascinating world of metal casting with a mix of edutaining fun and knowledge. In a live small-scale foundry, the youth were given an in-depth view into the world of metal casting and could produce their own aluminum casting in a sand mold. This year’s castings were fidget spinners – currently the absolute hit on the world‘s schoolyards. The palm-sized flat roundels look like a mixture of a propeller and a ninja throwing star.

There was an enormous run on the live foundry, and the young visitors were fascinated by the MAGMA simulations that provided them with insight into the mold and enabled them to understand the basics of metal flow, cooling and solidification.

This year’s “Get-in-Form” initiative again awakened the interests of numerous children and teenagers, and made them enthusiastic about the many diverse and exciting educational and working opportunities in the natural sciences and technical fields – especially in the world of metal casting.

Self-made fidget spinners!

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