MAGMA Awarded for Innovation

Aachen/Staffordshire, January 2010. The Institute of Cast Metal Engineers (ICME) awards MAGMA the M M Hallett award, recognizing MAGMA for two decades of developing and industrializing casting simulation, supplying MAGMASOFT®, supporting the global foundry industry including casting designer and users.

Mr. M M Hallett was a managing director of the English foundry group Chamberlin & Hill and an active member of the British ICME and CIATF International Foundry Association throughout his working life. Following his retirement in the 1970’s, members of the ICME felt that in recognition of Mr. Hallet’s and others’ innovative work an award should be created in his name. The award sponsored by Chamberlin & Hill would be made every 3 years to an individual, group or company who, in the opinion of the award committee, had made an outstanding contribution to the foundry industry by creating new ideas or inventions. Some of the past recipients include DISA, Casting Technology International (CTI), the University of Birmingham and the German Foundrymen's Association VDG. In 2009 the committee decided to recognize MAGMA for 3 decades of developing and industrializing casting simulation, supplying MAGMASOFT® and supporting the global foundry industry including casting designers and users with its use.

At the recent ICME annual awards lunch at Middleton Halls, Staffordshire England, the award was gladly accepted on behalf of MAGMA by its Manager of Sales and Engineering Services, Dr.-Ing. Jörg C. Sturm. Jörg provided a short history of MAGMASOFT® and its development from the 1970’s at the DTU and RWTH Universities in Denmark and Germany, the establishment of MAGMA, and the commercial and technical development of MAGMASOFT® since the late 1980’s. The presentation showed how far simulation has come as a practical tool. From the early days of solidification only using almost ridiculously course meshes, through to current developments in core shooting, heat treatment, parallelization and automatic optimization with MAGMAfrontier, MAGMA has worked to continuously develop simulation tools to support the foundryman in his daily work.

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