MAGMA: Closer to its Customers in Czech Republic and Slovakia

MAGMA’s activities in the Czech and Slovak Republics were sustained for many years by AXIOM TECH, s.r.o., and MAGMA would like to express its appreciation to everyone at AXIOM Tech for their long-lasting support. Due to the changing and growing market demands, MAGMA GmbH has decided to establish its own branch office in this region.

The main goal of the branch office is to strengthen MAGMA’s relationship with its customers through direct and intensive communication and support. MAGMA is convinced that it is important for the foundries to be kept up to date on news and knowledge about casting processes and simulation, to take advantage of trainings and continuing education offerings, as well as to be involved in an exchange of information regarding new R&D findings. Casting process simulation will only provide its full potential and economic benefits in a competitive market when it is coupled with a skilled user and is fully embedded into a company’s structure and flow of communication. Providing ongoing training, support, and engineering services as measures to achieve this goal will be the central objective of the new MAGMA office in Pardubice in the Czech Republic.

MAGMA is happy to have Dr. Petr Kotas and Michal Špaček on board to strengthen its activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Both colleagues are competent and experienced foundry engineers.

Dr. Petr Kotas, the head of the new branch office, has a strong research background in foundry technology and numerical optimization. During his Ph.D. studies at the Denmark Technical University (2007-2011) in the process modeling group of Prof. Jesper Hattel, he focused on numerical modeling and optimization of heavy steel castings with the main objective of reducing solidification-related defects such as centerline shrinkage, macrosegregation and A-segregates. All of his research activities were carried out in close collaboration with MAGMA and its staff.

Michal Špaček is a foundry engineer. He obtained his M.Sc. degree at the oldest and most well-known mining and foundry university in the Czech Republic. After his studies, he joined the largest Czech steel foundry, VÍTKOVICE Heavy Machinery, to work as a foundry technologist and as a simulation engineer using MAGMASOFT®.


The branch office will start carrying out local business effective starting July 1, 2013. The office is located in a new technology center in Pardubice, about one hour east of the Czech capital of Prague. It offers state-of-the-art training and seminar facilities. Being in the heart of the Czech Republic and close to Slovakia, the office will be an ideal hub to establish an intense and close relationship with MAGMA’s customers.

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