MAGMA shows Casting Process Simulation especially for Die Casting at Euroguss 2014

Aachen, November 2013. At Euroguss 2014 (14.-16.1.2014) in Nuremberg, MAGMA GmbH, Aachen, presents on its stand 7-338 the new program MAGMA5 with a special focus on simulation capabilities for die casting. Through live demonstrations and presentations, the company will demonstrate how casting process simulation with MAGMA5 can be used for optimization at all stages of casting manufacturing to contribute to foundry profitability.

The practical process orientation in MAGMA5 enables all steps in the processing of a simulation to be planned and performed in parallel. This concerns comprehensive considerations regarding molding equipment and possible gate concepts on the component and the decisions about the number of components in the cavity of the die casting tool. MAGMA5 helps designing a robust design, which allows producing components in the required quality with the help of a stable process window.

The complete manufacturing process with special functionality for both hot-chamber and cold-chamber die casting processes can be described and simulated. This sets the basis for a profitable manufacture of cast components – through optimized casting layouts and processing conditions, preventative quality assurance, and cost effectiveness.


At Euroguss, the process-specific options for permanent mold, low pressure sand and low pressure die casting will also be demonstrated. Throughout the entire development process, the software aids in process design through the control of relevant process parameters during simulation, for instance, for heating or cooling of the die and for the optimization of cycle times.

The benefits are demonstrated by using concrete industrial applications for an optimized manufacturing of die casting and permanent mold components. Examples include: the simulation and reduction of thermally induced casting stresses also in permanent molds for all manufacturing steps; the simulation and robust adjustment of as-cast local microstructures and properties of aluminum alloy castings in sand and permanent molds; or the avoiding of cracking problems and distortion also during cooling in the die.

The possibilities for the simulation of core production processes and designing of core-making tools will also be shown at the fair. MAGMA C+M simulates shooting and hardening of organic and inorganic cores, including consideration of binder hardening through a catalyst gas as well as core production with tempered core boxes.

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