MAGMA5 - fully optimize: MAGMA at GIFA 2015

At GIFA 2015 MAGMA presents its new software generation for automatic virtual experimentation and optimization

Aachen, Germany, April 2015. MAGMA GmbH, based in Aachen, Germany, will present its new software generation for automatic virtual experimentation and optimization, MAGMA5 Release 5.3, at the 13th International Foundry Trade Fair GIFA (June 16-20, 2015) in Düsseldorf. On its stand 12A20 in Hall 12, the company will demonstrate how MAGMA5 contributes to foundry profitability through optimization at all stages of casting design and manufacturing. In Düsseldorf, MAGMA will show the new software version MAGMA5 Release 5.3 with fully integrated capabilities for virtual design of experiment analysis and optimization, and including extended capabilities for all casting processes. The company will present new options for the simulation of the entire core production process and will provide insights into future developments for high pressure die casting, continuous casting and into the ease of use of MAGMA results for communication within the company and with customers. A key focus of MAGMA’s GIFA presence is specifically on opportunities for further education offered to foundry specialists at the MAGMAacademy.

MAGMA5 - Metalcasting. Understanding. Robustness. Profitability.

For the first time, MAGMA5 Release 5.3 makes virtual experimentation and automatic optimization on-screen possible. Robust process conditions and optimized solutions for casting layouts and part production can be determined before the first casting is produced. The software is designed to find the best possible set-up for runner dimensions, gate positions and also for both the position and the optimum size of feeders and chills. Foundrymen can use simulations in a virtual proving ground to pursue different quality and cost objectives simultaneously.

For this new methodology, comprehensive capabilities for the automatic variation of geometries by means of parametric design have been created. Furthermore, special statistical tools for design of experiment analyses and genetic algorithms for process optimization were added to MAGMA5. A new Assessment Perspective allows a fast and easy quantitative comparison of numerous simulation results. Hereby, correlations between design and process variables, quality criteria and objectives are concisely summarized and clearly visualized.

Virtual experimentation and optimization are thus fully integrated into MAGMA5 for the first time. Regardless of whether the foundry specialist simulates an individual project or whether a virtual design of experiments or a comprehensive optimization is carried out: MAGMA5 offers an entirely new methodology and powerful tools to deepen the understanding of the process, determine robust process conditions and find optimized solutions for casting layouts and process parameters before the first casting is produced.

Casting Fascination

At GIFA, MAGMA will also present its newest developments for the quantitative prediction of as-cast and heat treated properties in aluminum, cast iron and steel castings. MAGMAnonferrous and MAGMAiron calculate microstructures and mechanical properties considering metallurgy, inoculation and alloy composition. New developments allow the optimization of heat treatment processes for ADI (austempered ductile iron). MAGMAsteel predicts filling-related sand and reoxidation inclusions and calculates both macrosegregation and microstructures resulting from heat treatment in steel castings. A new and computationally efficient radiation model considers the heat transfer for investment and ingot casting processes taking into account different radiation conditions and shadowing effects.

The stress module MAGMAstress is designed to identify thermally induced stresses in castings and permanent molds for all process steps, including heat treatment and machining, in order to predict crack problems and distortion. The simulated distortion results can be evaluated similar to using a coordinate measuring machine and can be directly compared with real measurements. Creep effects in the cast material during cooling and heat treatment are considered. MAGMAdielife allows evaluating the die life of permanent molds.

Transparency in Core Production

In the new MAGMA C+M version, numerous options to predict and optimize core production processes are now available. MAGMA C+M allows simulating core shooting, gassing and hardening of organic and inorganic cores. For the optimized layout of core boxes and production processes, new criteria are available in MAGMA C+M to evaluate both the core shooting and gassing processes, and to predict core box wear. In addition, air and sand flows are now visualized effectively by means of tracer particles.

Communication Is the Key to Success

At GIFA, MAGMA will present entirely new and innovative solutions to ensure the exchange of information generated by simulation and optimization results within foundries as well as with both casting designers and casting consumers. Thereby, MAGMA5 results are quickly and easily available to all involved, anywhere within a company and at any time.

Optimized High Pressure Die Casting and Continuous Casting Processes

New developments in MAGMA5 allow for the efficient layout and optimization of the entire high pressure die casting process. All essential process steps, from the filling of the shot chamber, to the shot curve and die tempering, to the spraying program may not only be considered, but also optimized systematically.

Based on long-term cooperation with industry partners, the program MAGMAcont for the simulation of continuous casting processes will be fully integrated into MAGMA5 and may be used for aluminum, copper and steel alloys. MAGMAcont makes use of all capabilities for virtual experimentation and optimization available in the software.

MAGMAacademy - Knowledge Creates Added Value!

At the exhibition, the opportunities for further education on offer at MAGMA for foundrymen, casting designers and casting consumers will be presented in detail. In addition to product training courses and workshops for users, the MAGMAacademy also offers special seminars aimed at experts and decision-makers who wish to profit from simulation results. Besides basic information about cast alloy related or process-specific topics, the seminars also provide methodological support for the use and implementation of simulation results for the design of castings and dies as well as for process optimization.

MAGMA – Very Involved

At the accompanying NEWCAST Forum, MAGMA will give a presentation on “Robust casting design by means of virtual experimentation with casting process simulation as a cornerstone to innovative development processes”, and at the METEC trade fair, which takes place in parallel to GIFA, on “Automatic virtual optimization of ingot casting and continuous casting processes”.

At GIFA, MAGMA also supports the initiative “Youth-Technology-Future” (“Jugend-Technik-Zukunft“) both with a specific stand and within the student foundry. At both locations, the attractiveness of working as a professional or specialist in the metal casting industry will be illustrated to students and apprentices in an entertaining and interactive manner.

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