Regional 2013 MAGMA User Meetings World-Wide

The focus of all the regional user meetings in 2013 was on the exchange of know-how and the sharing of information among users and with MAGMA. A variety of input was provided by the application presentations by MAGMA users and by MAGMA contributions on current applications, new developments and the outlook on the upcoming version MAGMA5 Release 5.3 with new opportunities for optimization. As usual, tips & tricks for an efficient use of the simulation software were also presented.

The material and process specific workshops and forums, where MAGMA experts were available for questions on specific user issues, were received with great interest and enthusiasm. MAGMA thanks all the participants for their contributions and lively discussions. We look forward to seeing everyone again at the International User Meeting in October 2014 in Potsdam.

For more details read the report in the linked PDF (see box, top right).

Read Report: Regional 2013 MAGMA User Meetings World-Wide

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