Russian MAGMA User Meeting in Sunny Saint Petersburg

On the occasion of this year’s Russian MAGMA User Meeting, taking place on May 29-30, 2018, 25 MAGMASOFT® users from Russia and Ukraine came together in sunny Saint Petersburg.

At the beginning of the user meeting, the participants remembered the late Pavel Makarov, director of our partner DIAL. Pavel was a wholehearted engineer and one of MAGMA’s first foreign partners.

Russian MAGMA User Meeting in Sunny Saint Petersburg

The remainder of the day was dedicated to interesting presentations both by our partner DIAL and by Russian MAGMASOFT® users. As is common among good foundrymen, lively discussions ensued and the participants shared their own experiences. The MAGMA team on site was able to assist the participants by giving advice and offering practical support on many issues.

Boat trip through the canals of Saint Petersburg

The day drew to a close with a lovely boat trip through the canals of Saint Petersburg. It goes without saying that Russian vodka was a must on board, too.

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