Scandinavia - a Smooth Transition!

Aachen, January 2010. For many years, MAGMA Technologies A/S, Denmark, has been responsible for customers and contacts in the Nordic countries. Due to a personal decision of Professor Dr. Preben N. Hansen, MAGMA Technologies A/S has closed its operational activities as of 31 December 2009. MAGMA is fortunate to have Dr. Magnus Wessén, Jönköping, Sweden, on board to strengthen the Nordic operational, support and engineering service activities.

Dr. Wessén is a competent and experienced foundry expert and has cooperated intensively with MAGMA since 1992. As of 1 January 2010, Dr. Wessén and his company Swefos will act as MAGMA's independent representative and will be responsible as the main contact for any MAGMA related activities in the region. In addition, MAGMA Giessereitechnologie GmbH will become more involved in supporting the metal casting industry in the Nordic countries.

It was a special pleasure to welcome Professor Hansen at the recent user meeting in Jönköping. He has very effectively supported the seamless transition. MAGMA cordially thanks Professor Hansen and his complete team at MAGMA Technologies A/S for their efforts in the past. We are happy to continue on this basis and we will strengthen our business activities in the Nordic countries with Dr. Magnus Wessén.

Swefos – Fact sheet

The name “Swefos” comes from SWEdish FOundry Services. Dr. Magnus Wessén is General Manager of the company. He has a long history together with MAGMA GmbH and a strong research background in casting materials and processes.

  • During his Ph.D. work at the Royal Institute of Technology (1993-1997), he worked on the topic of microstructure formation in ductile iron. His focus was on developing models for the different phases and structures formed during solidification and solid-state transformations. Many of the models are used today in the MAGMAiron module.
  • After receiving his Ph.D. in 1997, he started the company Foundrysoft AB together with Prof. Ingvar L. Svensson. Foundrysoft and its successor Ingus Engineering AB have been exclusive development partners to MAGMA during the years since 1997, mainly working on MAGMAiron but also recently developing the MAGMAnonferrous module together with MAGMA.
  • During the recent years, Magnus worked with his company RheoMetal AB in the light metals industry, with a special focus on rheocasting.

He is also deeply involved in the activities of the research group “Materials and Manufacturing – Casting” at Jönköping University, as an associate professor (Docent) since 1997. He is in charge of the thematic area “New Materials and Technologies”.

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