The Amazing 3D Tour on the MAGMA Booth at GIFA 2015

See the 3D panoramic view of the MAGMA Booth at GIFA show in Düsseldorf in June 2015 and enjoy a fascinating tour through the entire world of casting process optimization, our vision of communication with MAGMA and our worldwide offering of training and continuous education with MAGMAacademy. Explore our casting exhibition, the MAGMA Eyecatcher, the MAGMA Foundryman's Playground and many more stations demonstrating the next generation of products and services using MAGMA.

To start your interactive 3D panoramic view please click the link: Virtual Tour of the MAGMA Booth at GIFA 2015. Clicking on the animated circles in the panorama allows you to change your position.

MAGMA YouTube Channel

Please visit our NEW YouTube Channel "MAGMA - Casting Fascination" and get more impressions of MAGMA at GIFA. The videos include a stereo movie you may view with cardboard.

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