Přečtěte si níže ohlasy MAGMA uživatelů, jak dosáhli zlepšení pomocí simulace slévarenských procesů a optimalizace, v různých oblastech slévárenství.

Beyond the Scope of Expertise

Foundry experts are linking casting defects to their probable root causes by using years of ... více

Casting a perfect gearbox housing for a very special car

Tests of a prototype for an ecological hybrid sports car with a classic car appearance, first ... více

Surya TOTO: Taking an Unusual Approach

The Surya TOTO engineering division was recently challenged to cast something they had never ... více

Insight is the Best Hindsight

Custom Castings has been using MAGMASOFT® for about one year to improve their casting quality ... více

Optimization of a Turbine Housing Component at the University of Padua

The project “Marboré”, which is being carried out by the Department of Mechanical Engineering ... více

Ship Propellers from Waren on Lake Müritz

The propeller is a most important “appendage” on a ship. ... více

Grainger & Worrall: Racing to Success

There are few more iconic images of modern engineering excellence than an F1 racing car. ... více

Simulation Project at the University

MAGMASOFT® in engineering education? Yes, of course! ... více