Přečtěte si níže ohlasy MAGMA uživatelů, jak dosáhli zlepšení pomocí simulace slévarenských procesů a optimalizace, v různých oblastech slévárenství.

Elimination of Hot Tears through Optimized Cooling Control

They are cost-intensive and, in extreme cases, jeopardize the start of production: casting ... více

Optimizing cycle times for improved productivity

In recent years, foundries have been facing continuously growing pressure from their customers ... více

MAGMASOFT® - A Trusted Engineering Tool Becomes an Indispensable Business Tool

Watry Industries has been a customer of MAGMA as a software user for over five years and, on a ... více

Manufacturing State of the Art Aluminum Cylinder Head Castings

Teksid Aluminum and MAGMA have established a long term relationship to achieve best quality ... více

Innovative Process Design by FBA and Volkswagen do Brasil

In 2008, Fundição Brasileira de Alumínio (FBA) was appointed by Volkswagen do Brasil to develop ... více

Insight is the Best Hindsight

Custom Castings has been using MAGMASOFT® for about one year to improve their casting quality ... více

Reduced Scrap Rates and Shorter Cycle Times

PT Kayaba in Indonesia optimized the gating system of a front fork component with MAGMASOFT®. ... více