MAGMAinteract: Improved features

New features and improvements in release version 5.4.3:

General Features

  • Improved graphics due to new shaders and antialiasing
  • Customizable background color
  • Newly designed status bar during loading
  • New display design in the parallel coordinate diagram including selection and filtering
  • Reset button in the parallel coordinate diagram
  • Parallel coordinate diagram Scale adapted to MAGMASOFT design
  • Tracer Size available as slider
  • Reduction of the memory requirement (RAM) with many clip levels

Improvements in connection with MAGMASOFT 5.4.3

  • X-Ray Range was optimized with new solvers
  • Clipping in combination with Rotacast now available
  • Names (values) of design variables can be exported and displayed
  • Show/Hide Scale now exportable
  • Exportable Widespread Scale

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