MAGMASOFT® for Investment Casting

HIGHLIGHTS OF MAGMASOFT® for Investment Casting

Optimize all aspects of the production of investment castings and find the best solution for your requirements - with MAGMASOFT® autonomous engineering.

  • Robust solutions for all investment casting processes
  • Methodical design of casting layouts and processes
  • Robust production through virtual experimentation
  • Profitable solutions using automatic optimization

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Robust and Optimized Virtual Process Chain for Investment Casting

Investment casting has benefited many industries as an economical route to cast near-net-shape metal parts with high geometric complexity and dimensional accuracy. Nonetheless, the manufacturing costs and lead-times during production can quickly limit the competitiveness of investment casting as the preferred manufacturing route. Process simulation is the state-of-the-art tool for eliminating casting trials and improving casting quality, which significantly reduces production costs and time. It allows engineers to assess the technical feasibility of new components and to find the best compromise between casting quality and the production costs before creating costly physical prototypes.

MAGMASOFT® takes the special thermal conditions in investment casting during pouring, solidification and cooling of the metal into account. This includes:

  • Exact consideration of thermal radiation from the hot shell
  • Consideration of shading between adjacent surfaces and heat accumulation in pockets
  • Cooling of the shell before casting
  • Local thickening of the shell
  • Consideration of insulating materials or chills
  • Controlled cooling/immersion of the casting including the shell

Virtual Wax Injection Molding

Publication in Area of Investment Casting

Robust and Optimized Virtual Process Chain for Investment Casting


Max Peymandar, Daniel Schmidt and Jörg C. Sturm, Aachen

Using real industrial applications as examples, this paper will provide an overview of new developments and demonstrate current capabilities of the simulation software MAGMASOFT® in addressing the entire process chain of investment casting virtually.

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