Unlocking Your Potential – Correctly Implementing MAGMASOFT®

Successfully using MAGMASOFT® means more than investing in software and hardware. The keys to success are trained users, established and transparent processes in the company as well as the team involved. MAGMA supports you with individually tailored modules and methodical approaches. We call this process implementation of MAGMASOFT®.

Casting is a black box ... and everything is happening at the same time. A good casting has numerous quality-determining criteria that must be met. To achieve this, you need to consider the entire process chain. Developing and producing sophisticated castings requires a systematic approach. Long development times and the amount of people involved in the decision-making process make it difficult to adopt such an approach.

MAGMASOFT® supports you in these challenges – regardless of whether you are just about to introduce the software in your company or are a long-time user.

In the heart of the foundry
In the heart of the foundry

The most important question is what goals you want to achieve with MAGMASOFT®: from reviewing your existing gating and risering system, to supporting your communication with customers and suppliers, up to developing optimized and robust process conditions before the first casting. There are many different possibilities for using findings from MAGMASOFT®. They require a methodical approach and established processes for the user, the team and the management in the company. This is the only way to unlock the full potential of the software.

Instabiler Prozess
What is the reason for the defect? MAGMASOFT® helps to eliminate problems systematically.

The challenge is that all those involved have different responsibilities, interests and expectations: There is pressure from the customer: "We need a solution immediately. We have observed process variations, what is the reason? Calculating takes too long, we need to start pouring! We have 5 % scrap, but the simulation didn't show the defect!" The resolution of this trade-off around MAGMASOFT® requires settling different questions: How do you plan to use the software? How do you control the success of the use of MAGMASOFT®? Who uses the results from MAGMASOFT®? When do you need the information? How do you generate knowledge for your decisions and concrete actions from all the simulation data?

How Implementation Works With MAGMA

We support you in mastering such (or similar) challenges – to enable you to work methodically and holistically with 
MAGMASOFT® as quickly as possible. We call this task “implementation”. For us, implementation means that we stay by your side as a co-pilot from the very start, jointly developing a long-term strategy that meets your company's specific requirements and thus makes it even more successful.

Dimensions for implementation in the company
Dimensions for implementation in the company

The goal of our implementation offer is to design a development process with you, regardless of whether you are just introducing MAGMASOFT® in your company or are a long-time user. For this, we discuss with your management your goals for the next year and the requirements for the user, the team involved and the required processes. We define the modules and methods you need to systematically increase the use of MAGMASOFT®. Beyond the training of the user, we involve all decision-makers and potential beneficiaries in the company to thus establish transparency and reliable communication for clear and secured decision-making based on the simulation results.

To do this, use MAGMA's modules from our portfolio of resources, products and services: the MAGMAacademy – to train your users and further educate your team –, our support – who helps you not only with software problems, but especially with application questions – ,and our colleagues from engineering – who support you in new development projects, as an extended workbench or when you are short on resources, if required.

Implementation Steps

Goal-Oriented and Consistent Success With the MAGMA APPROACH

The basis of our implementation offer is the methodical and systematic use of the MAGMA APPROACH. You define clear goals, define both the variables and the quality criteria to be analyzed. You set an efficient methodology suitable for this purpose and decide which approach to virtual experimentation will enable you to achieve your goals and derive suitable measures.


MAGMAacademy – Learning How to Master MAGMASOFT®

The prerequisites for your success with MAGMASOFT® are, of course, competent and trained users. 
MAGMAacademy experts train your users in operating MAGMASOFT® both proficiently and efficiently, thus allowing you to make the most of the capabilities of your virtual casting process. With workshops and seminars, we help the team handling the software to ask the right questions and reliably evaluate the results.


Tools for Continuous Learning

Moreover, MAGMA offers you a great cornucopia of opportunities for your own continuous professional development. An important tool here is the MAGMASOFT® LEARNING WORLD, where you can learn and revise whenever and wherever you wish to do so, independent of classroom training.


MAGMAsupport – Always by Your Side, Whatever Your Query

With us, you are not just a number! Our experienced MAGMAsupport staff is there for you worldwide. They will answer your questions at short notice and help you to solve existing application problems. We thus help you to use MAGMASOFT® a little more efficiently every day. Make sure to also use the password-protected support section of our website: There you will find many tips and tutorials, and you can safely exchange data with the support team.


MAGMAengineering – Your "Extended Workbench"

If too many tasks keep coming in and you are short on simulation capacity or application experience in certain areas: We will not leave you on your own. Whether stress simulation, virtual experimentation or autonomous optimization – our experienced engineers in the MAGMAengineering team support you in closing gaps, creating additional capacities and meeting fluctuation in simulation demands.


MAGMAinteract® – Communicating Without Limits

Using clear communication with MAGMASOFT® across all departments and both with your customers and with your suppliers is the key to success. We will show you how to make knowledge available with MAGMAinteract® and how to profitably use the information as an accepted technical "lingua franca" for questions related to casting.


A Strong Partnership

Partner with MAGMA. Working with customers worldwide – from the smallest companies to major multinational corporations across all casting processes and materials –, we have learned how to achieve methodical implementation and continuous improvement in the degree of utilization of MAGMASOFT®. You integrate MAGMASOFT® efficiently throughout your company, communicate on equal terms among all process participants, store knowledge permanently, and thus design your processes both more efficiently and more economically. We are convinced: You will significantly improve your competitiveness once you have successfully implemented MAGMASOFT®.


Keys for a Successful 
Implementation of MAGMASOFT® – As a New or Long-Time User

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