MAGMAhpdc 5.5 - Air is predictable


New possibilities to predict the transport of entrapped air during mold filling offering

  • new algorithms for air transport in the melt and quantitative air results
  • curves for predicting the amount of air and evaluating the die venting
  • vacuum as a variable for virtual DoE and optimization of venting
  • extended feeding model for die casting considering the third phase
  • evaluation of all volume deficits (entrapped air and shrinkage porosity) in one result
  • more accurate calculation of the locking force

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Die Casting: Optimized Quality, Robust Tooling and Cost Effective Processes

The quality and profitability of high pressure die castings are driven by the tooling design, the layout of the gating system, the thermal control of the die and reproducible manufacturing conditions.

MAGMASOFT® is capable of autonomously establishing robust process conditions and optimized solutions for high pressure die castings regarding casting geometry, die layout, thermal control and process parameters. The integrated tools to statistically set up virtual Designs of Experiments and automatically assess results support the die caster in determining optimal design and process conditions, for example regarding:

  • best shot profile, dosing and waiting times
  • optimization of the gating system for balanced filling, reduced gas inclusions and misruns
  • efficient thermal control of the die and extended die life
  • robust process parameters, including shot curve, intensification pressures and squeezing for reduced porosity
  • optimized die design and quenching conditions for minimized part distortion



MAGMASOFT®’s unique integrated methodology of virtual experimentation and autonomous optimization lets the software automatically run through various die casting design and parameter combinations. MAGMASOFT® helps identify a set of process conditions best meeting the specified requirements. This is done quickly and comprehensively, matching different objectives considering all driving forces decisive for high pressure die casting quality.

This makes MAGMASOFT® key for part designers, toolmakers and die casters to layout optimal die cast component designs, implement reliable production processes, minimize quality risks, set up reliable process windows and realize the full potential of high pressure die cast materials.

Die Casting Reference

DGS Produces One of the Largest Die Cast Parts Worldwide

Each hour, the sun radiates enough energy onto the earth to cover the annual energy demand of the whole world population. For better exploitation of this solar energy, DGS Druckguss Systeme AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland, produces frames for hot water solar panels. Recently, the production of these frames was changed from welded extrusion molded parts to aluminum die castings. The success of this change was so noteworthy that the new frame received a ”Special Recognition“ award in the International 2014 Aluminum Die Casting Competition.

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