The following examples demonstrate how our customers successfully exploit MAGMASOFT® in order to realize better casting quality, cost savings or reduction of development times especially in the area of casting buyers.

Casting Distortions During Solution Treatment

Aluminum castings are often heat-treated to increase mechanical properties and simultaneously decrease thermal stresses induced by the casting process. The heat treatment process consists of 3 steps.

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New Markets for Casting

During recent years, the market for wind power has grown by orders of magnitude and has created a completely new sector for casting applications. Many of the components cast in this area today did not exist at all ten years ago or were created to substitute welded or forged parts.

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Optimization Saves Launch of New Miter Saw

First die trials of a miter saw component produced visually sound castings and the results at the start of production were promising. This changed quickly during machining of the first parts delivered. The launch of the new miter saw was at risk.

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Getting It Right the First Time

Risering of castings is supported through the determination of the local thermal modulus. This modulus describes the relationship between the heat content of a volume and the cooling power of the surrounding surfaces.

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Shortening Cycle Times in Cylinder Head Production

In the development of a high performance, economical engine, a cylinder head design was required that would withstand the higher combustion pressures. The existing design of this part led to long cycle times.

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