Key Benefits of MAGMA ECONOMICS:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation:
    Simultaneously assess casting quality, process robustness, and cost/resource considerations.

  • Upfront Achievement of Goals:
    Realize quality and cost targets even before the first casting is produced.

  • Informed Decision-Making:
    Access transparent and quantitative technical and commercial information to support better decision-making.

  • Optimal Resource Utilization:
    Seamlessly integrated with MAGMA’s autonomous engineering to identify the best operational conditions and balance resource investment and profitability.

  • Environmental Impact Awareness:
    Understand the direct link between resource consumption and your CO2 footprint.

  • Customized Efficiency:
    Tailor the system with custom templates to meet your specific process and business requirements.

  • Scalable Implementation:
    Deploy the solution at the part, department, or corporate level, ensuring adaptability to your organization’s structure.

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Maximize Casting Exellence and Cost Effinciency

MAGMA ECONOMICS is a new solution designed to complement MAGMASOFT®, the world’s leading technical decision support and optimization tool for casting quality and processes. With MAGMA ECONOMICS, users can seamlessly integrate information automatically provided by MAGMASOFT® with cost and resource consumption data for any simulated engineering solution.

This innovative approach to combining technical expertise with economic insight allows both technical and economic goals to be pursued simultaneously, making MAGMASOFT® a powerful management tool for users and decision-makers alike.

Key Features of MAGMA ECONOMICS:

Comprehensive Planning and Optimization
Leverage MAGMASOFT® to analyze and compare different simulated versions while using statistical tools to derive concrete measures for quality, productivity, material efficiency, and energy consumption.

Cost and Resource Integration
Bridge the gap between technical simulations and real-world implications by automatically linking MAGMASOFT® information with costs and resource consumption.

Dual Focus on Technical and Commercial Targets
Simultaneously pursue desired technical and commercial goals. Align simulations with cost and resource data to make informed decisions that optimize both.

Empowering Management Tool
Transform MAGMASOFT® into a valuable management tool, empowering users and decision-makers to drive quality, productivity, and profitability.

Iinformation Available for MAGMA ECONOMICS

The following essential information available within MAGMASOFT® provides for a comprehensive assessment of cost and resource objectives in MAGMA ECONOMICS while maintaining the required quality:

Casting Information Centralized
MAGMA ECONOMICS integrates data from various elements of the casting process, including casting/core components, molds/tools, machines, and materials. Quantitative data on volumes, quantities, masses, surfaces, and interfaces provide a comprehensive understanding of the process.

Process Insights
MAGMA ECONOMICS considers essential process data such as time-related metrics, media usage and consumables. This comprehensive view helps to optimize decision-making.

Unique MAGMASOFT® Output
MAGMASOFT® generates technical information that serves as the basis for evaluating economic factors in MAGMA ECONOMICS. This output includes casting times, feeding requirements, required cycle times (including shake-out/ejection times, cooling times, and curing/drying times) as well as quantities of heat and energy consumption within the system.

Flexible and Fully Integrated With MAGMASOFT®

MAGMA ECONOMICS can be customized to the needs of your organization and is fully integrated with MAGMASOFT®. This allows you to create value for stakeholders at all levels of your organization that use or benefit from simulation results.

Evaluate Casting Designs and Virtual Test Plans
Explore different simulated casting designs, virtual test plans (DoE), and optimizations and evaluate them in terms of technical feasibility and quality as well as with respect to resource and cost targets. Gain valuable insight into the economic impact of different design choices.

Assess the Impact of Cost Drivers
Analyze the impact of different cost drivers on existing projects without the need for further simulations. MAGMA ECONOMICS allows you to evaluate and optimize cost parameters offline or inline, enabling you to make informed decisions based on real-time cost analysis.

Customizable Templates for Different Needs
Choose from a variety of templates offered by MAGMA ECONOMICS and customize them to meet your specific process requirements and tasks. Whether your focus is at the part, department, or corporate level, you can adjust the level of detail and granularity to meet your objectives.

Easy Communication
The information provided by MAGMA ECONOMICS can be easily displayed in MAGMAinteract®, providing a user-friendly display for the shop floor or for management purposes. Keep all stakeholders informed and involved in the optimization process.

Applications Using MAGMA ECONOMICS

Quality vs. Yield
Balance quality requirements with production cost considerations.

Cycle Time and Productivity vs. Energy Consumption
Find the most efficient path between productivity and energy consumption.

Natural Feeders vs. Exothermic Sleeves
Determine the most cost-effective feeding solution that meets your casting requirements.

Chill Use vs. Additional Feeding
Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of using chills versus additional feeders to achieve the quality you need for your castings.

Mold Design and Gassing Rates
Optimize your core gassing process to minimize costs and improve overall casting performance.

Core Box Heating vs. Gas Flow
Explore the trade-off between core box heating and gas flow through the core for inorganic cores.

Pattern Plate Design and Production Time
Find the optimum between annual cost savings and production efficiency.

Production Volumes and Cost per Part
Gain insight into the cost dynamics at different production levels and optimize your operations accordingly.

CO2 Footprint Analysis
Quantify the carbon footprint for different production volumes. Understand the environmental impact of your casting processes and identify opportunities for sustainable improvements.

Cost Savings vs. Simulation Effort
Make informed decisions about the amount of simulation effort required for achieving your cost targets.


Unlock Your Potential with MAGMA ECONOMICS – The Key to Casting Process Optimization, Cost Efficiency and Resource Conservation in One Tool.