In-House Seminars

Customized know-how for your company - New knowledge and skills can best be imparted through a seminar specially tailored for your company. The exchange of ideas between your employees, the know-how of our expert lecturers and a highly professional organization ensure a successful advanced training of your staff. read more

Evaluation of Simulation Results with MAGMASOFT®

This seminar will introduce you to the different simulation results and the wide range of (quality) criteria available in MAGMASOFT® for high pressure die casting/ sand casting. Based on practically relevant examples, you will find out how to analyze the results and make efficient use of them. Moreover, you will also learn how to interpret simulation results, evaluate the associated properties as well as effectively and successfully implement these insights in your company. read more

Theoretical Fundamentals of Continuous Casting

This seminar will introduce you into the world of continuous casting. In particular, you will learn about the various continuous and semi-continuous (DC Casting) production processes of semi-finished products in best quality. read more

Simulation of Cast Iron

In this seminar, you will learn about important parameters influencing the properties of iron alloys as casting and construction materials. You will also learn how casting process simulation accompanies and optimizes the manufacturing process. read more

Casting Technology High Pressure Die Casting

This seminar deals with the fundamentals of die and process design for die casting, in particular for the cold chamber process. Process design and gate calculations will be illustrated with examples. read more

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